Dog Owner Shot Outside McDonald's Calls The Crime 'Senseless'

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Robert Lucas and his wife Linata say their two dogs are like children, especially since they can't have any of their own.

The dogs, named Nusaba and Ogee are Bull Mastiff/Labrador Retriever mixes.

Robert Lucas said he always takes them on a morning walk and stops at a nearby McDonald's for coffee.

Lucas said last Wednesday, he left his dogs tied up outside the restaurant when a stranger came in yelling "Whose dogs are these? One of the dogs tore my pants!"

Lucas said he was stunned because his dogs are not at all aggressive. He said he apologized and offered to pay for the pants, but the man pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot his dogs.

"He reached his hand out of the McDonald's doorway, and he shot twice and hit me in my foot," Lucas said.

He now has to walk with a cane and will require several follow-up doctors’ appointments.

Lucas said he feels fortunate his dogs were not injured, but he is angry someone could be so careless.

"That's an animal, this is my life. He wasn't in danger, he was endangering other people's lives by shooting that gun," he said.

Police said the suspect took off, and no charges have been filed.