Dog Found Shot, Starving Has ‘Will To Live’


A dog was recovering on Tuesday after it was found shot and starving at a state park.

Lee Williams fosters hundreds of dogs, but said that he had never seen one like this 1-year-old boxer mix, named Trooper.

“You see a little bit of everything, but this is the first one I’ve seen with three legs,” Williams said.

Danyel Bageant, a Fayette County Humane Agent, said that Trooper was found last Thursday starving and injured at Deer Creek State Park. 

She said that the dog appeared to have been walking around for weeks after being shot in the right front leg.

“He was so pitiful,” Bageant said. “His little eyes looked so sad, and we knew we had to save his life.”

Bageant said that Trooper was extremely thin and his leg was dangling.

“It was severed, and it was very sad,” Bageant said. “I’m surprised he’s alive, but he’s definitely a trooper. He has a will to live.”

Bageant said that Trooper might have been dumped, escaped or run away from home.

“He might have gotten loose from somebody running him,” Bageant said. “If there is an owner, we’d love to find them. Otherwise, we want to find him a forever home.”

Trooper lost the leg, and now is getting around on just three, 10TV’s AJ Smith reported.

Williams said that Trooper is a great companion.

“Anyone who is looking for a dog that could just be a really good companion, Trooper would be that dog, because he bonds in a heartbeat,” Williams said.

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