Dog Bites Child During School Recess


Columbus Police responded to an elementary school playground after a dog attacked a child Monday afternoon.

It happened at Watkins Elementary School in the 1500 block of Watkins Road in South Columbus.

"I just want something done. He's at school. He should be safe. Stuff like this should not happen," says Aymee Chevallard, the child's mother.

Chevallard's son Matthew says he was playing kickball with several children during recess when they lost the ball.

"The ball went near the fence and I went to get it and the dog jumped over the fence," Matthew Pitkiewicz, 7, said.

As he tried to run away from the labrador, Matthew says the dog was too fast and bit him multiple times.

Chevallard said her son received six puncture wounds and was treated at Nationwide Children's Hospital.
The dog owner was cited by the county dog warden. For Chevallard, the punishment doesn't fit the crime.

"If it attacked my son, who's to say it wont attack someone else's?"

The county dog warden says the dog must be quarantined at the dog owner's home for 10 days to ensure it does not have rabies.

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