Documentary Exposes Dangers Of Flame Retardant Chemicals In Household Products


Flame retardant chemicals in items like strollers, baby furniture and changing pads may be dangerous to your children.
Health experts say not only do they pose a risk to kids but also to firefighters. Those products release deadly toxins in smoke as they burn, and it increases risks of cancer and other ailments.

Firefighters and the Ohio Environmental Council say current federal legislation doesn't go far enough and that lawmakers need to step to the plate to pass health-based safety standards.
"We really need to have a law that can take action on chemicals and give states authority to pass stronger laws and aggressively protect our most vulnerable populations, children and babies, and or cours, firefighters, who are out there everyday, working to save lives,” said Melanie Houston, Ohio Environmental Council.

Eleven states are currently working on legislation to protect the public from dangerous toxins - but Ohio is not on that list.