Doctor On Demand App Allows Virtual Visits From Home Or Work


Technology is offering a solution to the problem of a sick child or being short on time and needing to see a doctor.

The Doctor on Demand app offers a virtual visit to the doctor, whether you're at home or even work.

Dr. Pat Batsu is its Chief Medical Officer. He told 10TV that it appeals to a broad range of people.

"People who are busy, and it's tough for them to take an hour of the day to go to the doctor's office, an hour to wait and then another hour to come back,” said Batsu.
Doctor on Demand is accessible on iPhone or Android devices and tablets and there's no cost to register.

Patients pay $40 dollars consultation with doctors. Cynthia Koelker has a family practice in Akron but also "sees" patients virtually"

"It's really very simple once you set up an account.  It's also easy to do. You can put in your symptoms, the allergies, medicines you're taking put that information and I'm able to see it,” said Koelker.

Most often she and her colleagues consult patients about coughs, colds, flu and infections.

"It's not appropriate for every problem or long term or difficult problems but it's great for short term problems like you'd go to an urgent care for,” said Koelker.

Nationwide, there are 1,200 doctors taking part of the program. The video is not recorded and creators say patient information is protected.

The app was created by Doctor on Demand, Inc. which is partially owned by Dr. Phil.