Docs Rate Docs: Best Neurologist Revealed


10TV teamed up with the Columbus Dispatch and asked central Ohio doctors who they would see if they needed medical help. 

We received back 221 responses from licensed physicians in our seven-county metro area. Of the doctors who responded, their top choice for neurology was Dr. Geoffrey Eubank, 10TV's Andrea Cambern reported on Tuesday.

Conducting simple tests, many as "low tech" as they get, may tell Eubank a lot about what is wrong with his patient. 

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"I might see some fairly common thing like a migraine and just help somebody not have to suffer with those," Eubank said. "Then also in the very next patient, it would be someone with some really serious, dangerous illness."

Eubank says in his specialty, every day is different.

Eubank said he will see many patients just once or twice, but others, such as those with stroke or multiple sclerosis, which are his specialties, will be seen over a lifetime.

A simple check-up is just a starting point for him when it comes to determining what disease of the nervous system may need treating, he said.

"Being a neurologist is kind of like solving puzzles," Eubank said. "So you try and get all these little clues and try and put them together. So if you like solving mysteries, puzzles, things like that, neurology is a fun field to get into."

10TV News does not endorse any of the doctors in our unscientific survey, however we do congratulate them.

The recommendations of the doctors who participated in Docs Rate Docs should not be considered a definitive ranking of central Ohio's best physicians and should not be viewed as a substitute for traditional physician referrals.

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