Diversity Debate Divides Delaware Co. School District


A debate over diversity has a Delaware County school district divided tonight.

One school board member in the Olentangy Local School district says changing policies that target issues of student diversity is racist.

Some parents think the school official just doesn't get it.

The racial make-up of the Olentangy School district has changed and the district has considered policy changes to reflect it.

One change in particular is Multicultural Inclusive Education. The district says it is designed to promote an inclusive and accepting environment.

But school board member, Adam White, says it does the opposite.

"You can address that and fix problems verses shoving race down everyone's face and having an unhealthy pre-occupation with it," White said.

White expressed his opinion at the last board meeting when the change was introduced and again Thursday night before the board voted.

Some agree with White.

"I like to know that those tax dollars are going to something worthwhile not simply new material designed to do something I, and a whole lot of other people, don't necessarily believe in or understand," White said.

Most who spoke Thursday night, favored the change.

"Life is complicated enough and our future as a community, as a nation, is weakened if we do not embrace cultural diversity and make it a part of the educational process," One speaker said.

The policy changes were approved, four to one. A district spokesperson said that the policy changes reflect changes that have already taken place in the classroom, adding it would not require the district spend additional money or change curriculum.

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