Developer Finally Gets Approval For New Hilltop Business

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The Hilltop section of Columbus is about to get a new business.

After nearly two years, a developer finally has a demolition permit and plans to tear down a several abandoned buildings.

Lee Alderson has a clear view of several vacant buildings from his The Good Life Barber Shop in the 2300 block of West Broad Street.

"It is an eyesore," he says.

Alderson says the building has attracted a lot of bad company, but says it wasn't always that way.

"Actually, it was a decent building at one point in time. Then, along with the drug trade and prostitution, that the west side began to have, it just went down," he says.

Now Jonathan Willette wants to tear it down and put something the community can use in its place.

Willette says by the end of the summer, there will be a Family Dollar store in its place.

"Right now we are doing the pre-demo. We are inside preparing everything, cutting off the utilities, removing anything that shouldn't be here and then the structures will actually come down next week," said Jonathan Willette, 4Points Development.

Willette says, weather depending, construction will begin soon after - and not just on the new building.

"We're cleaning all of this out, we are resurfacing the alley way here."

Willette says several buildings on the west side were considered, but he says Family Dollar thought this area would benefit most from new business.

And, people who live or work here say this neighborhood could use it.

"It will get people here on the Hilltop to actually spend money on the Hilltop," said Alderson.

It will also encourage others to invest in the Hilltop.