Detectives Investigate Home Invasion Spree Near Galloway

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Thieves have been breaking into homes near Galloway in Southwest Columbus and even shutting the door behind them when they leave.

"I thought something was wrong," said Allison Trigg, one of the victims of the home invasions.

Trigg said he knew something wasn't right at his home the minute he tried to put the key in the lock.

"I didn't know that anyone was inside until I went to unlock it and it came open on me."

Thieves shut the door behind them after they ransacked his possessions.

The burglars headed straight for his valuables, which were tied to decades-old memories.

"Some of my GI Joes are missing," Trigg said. "It’s something I collect. My son used to collect them."

Twenty-five-year-old collectibles were gone.

Thieves even took an OSU-inspired wreath from his front door.

And now they have taken Trigg's sense of security.

Trigg says he is thankful he hadn't done any Christmas shopping before the burglary.

It is unclear if all the break-ins in the Galloway area are connected.

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