Deputies Investigate Murder-Suicide Of Perry County Couple


A husband and wife were found dead in their Shawnee home Tuesday morning in an apparent murder-suicide.  

Juanita Thompson, 41, and Christopher Thompson, 43, were found in their residence on New England Hill Road.  

Police said they were called about the house around 8:15 a.m. on Tuesday.

A call of concern to Juanita Thompson's boss led to a horrific find by Thompson's daughter.

"I told her, I said, honey your mom hasn't showed up for work yet, and I'm just worried about her, and I said can you go check on her and she said yeah I'll go check on her," said director of Perry County Transit, Gloria Funk.

Thompson's daughter discovered the two bodies.

"She says mom will never come back to work. I tried to collect myself and tell the other people. So, it was very hard, very hard. Usually I'm a pretty strong person when it comes to something like this, but not this," said Funk.

The Perry County Sheriff's Office believes the husband shot his estranged wife before turning the gun on himself.

According to authorities, Christopher Thompson was out of jail on bond due to a domestic violence charge.

Court records show this is his third domestic violence charge since 1997.

Officials also confirmed that there was a protection order filed between the two.

Neighbors said Juanita Thompson was worried her husband was lurking around the house last week.

On Tuesday, he got in.

"I feel sorry for her kids. Her kids will really miss them. Miss her," said Funk.

Funk says this isn't the first time Christopher Thompson was violent toward his wife.

"She had a black and blue mark here and crossed here when she come in one day," said Funk.

Now Funk, and so many others, wonder why he wasn't stopped sooner.

Perry County detectives continue to investigate.  

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