Deputies Explode WWII Ordnance Found At Old Marion Plant

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It looks like something you would expect to see of a war-torn country in the throes of conflict.

But it is actually the view from Jim and Kathy Marshall's doorstep on a mostly residential road, surrounded by farmland near the Marion County seat.

"Almost sounded like a sonic boom, and about 30 seconds later, heard another one," Jim Marshall said. "And you could hear all the glass in the house shaking, all the windows."

The detonations are planned. The Army Corp of Engineers discovered two live "bomblets" in this area last October while cleaning the former bomb and ammunition-making facility.

It is where the Scioto Ordnance Plant once stood. It was established four months after the U.S. entered World War II. It produced M-74 cluster bombs for Allied Forces, some of which are still being found on this site 68 years later.

The Corp is destroying the munitions debris over the next six to eight weeks, in part, to prevent property damage.

Neighbors were sent a letter telling them to expect explosion noise, dust and some vibrations.

"Yeah, I definitely won't let my kids over there," neighbor Jason Willoughby said.

Engineers said the bombs being detonated would not explode on their own, but do have explosive potential.

Jim Marshall said with that knowledge in mind, hearing the explosions brings him a strange sense of relief.

"You don't ever know if someone might get over there, and a kid might play and one would go off. So, you know, thankfully they are getting them out of there," said Marshall. "It's just a shock when it happens!"

The situation is now being diffused, after decades of a potential disaster went undetected until now.

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