Dentists Make Their Choice For Top Orthodontist

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Dr. Victor Cook Jr. was chosen as the No. 1 orthodontist in central Ohio, according to an exclusive survey conducted by 10TV, ThisWeek Community Newspapers and Columbus Parent Magazine.

In our unscientific survey, we asked dentists in Franklin and surrounding counties who they would visit if they needed dental care for themselves or their families.

"They may only be in braces a couple years but I follow them for quite a few years," Cook said.

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Like many of the highly regarded dentists 10TV is featuring this week, Cook has worked at his profession for a long time, 10TV's Andrea Cambern reported.

Cook said that he is now working on the children of his original patients.

"What a compliment," Cook said.  "When you've treated somebody and they've felt good enough about the experience and result that they brought their children back," Cook said.

Cook also puts braces on adults.  Regardless of age, he talks to each patient before he works on them to find out what they are like. Then he takes notes and can discuss his patients' interests during future visits. 

"We kind of want to relate that appointment - their treatment - to being all about them," Cook said.

The personal touch makes the patients smile and, for Cook, that is where the payoff is.

"You're going to help somebody, treat them -- and they're generally healthy to begin with -- and they come away with a bigger smile than when they came in," Cook said.

The "Dentists Rate Dentists" database will grow throughout the week, as 10TV News reveals the best-regarded dentists in five categories:

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