Denison University Issues Alert After Student Woke Up To Man Inappropriately Touching Him

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Denison University students are on alert after a student woke up to a stranger touching him inappropriately in his dorm room.

The university is looking into whether it's connected to two similar incidents on campus in the past few days.

Officials from Denison University, located in Granville, say the first alleged incident happened around 4:30 a.m. Sunday.

Jack Olmstead says the suspect came into his room.

“I see my door open and I'm sitting across from the door, so I look over and I thought it was a friend coming in,” said the sophomore.

But Olmstead says he didn't recognize the guy but said the suspect continued into his room.

"Look in, peep around, shine a flashlight around and once we made eye contact he saw me and looked kind of startled, because I'm sure he didn't think I would be up at the time, and he closed the door."

Olmstead says he didn't think anything of it until he got the following email alert from the university:

Community Alert
“A student reported that he was the victim of unwanted sexual touching early this morning (Monday) in his room on East Quad.  The victim awoke to witness a male touching the victim’s genitals. The victim believes the suspect was video recording the incident.  The perpetrator fled the room when the victim woke up.
A second student reported a male entering his room early Sunday morning in the same residence hall.  The perpetrator had a flashlight and fled when he saw the resident. The resident chased him but lost sight of him.
Campus Security is investigating as well as the Granville Police Department.
The perpetrator is described as a black male, slim of build, approximately six feet tall, and college-aged.  He was wearing a hoodie.
Students are urged to lock their residence room doors at all times, especially when they are sleeping.  Please report anything unusual you may have seen on East Quad in the early morning hours on Sunday or Monday to Campus Security and Safety, at 740-587-6482.”
The university says the description of the suspect is similar in all three incidents, and now they want to know how the person got into two separate dorms.

"You do need an ID and you have to swipe in using your own ID, and during certain hours only residents of the particular building can swipe into the building,” said Laurel Kennedy,  the Vice President for Student Development at Denison University.

The school says the suspect entered two separate co-ed dorms on the campus's East Quad and has only been reported to enter men’s rooms.   
Students who live in those two dorms are uneasy.

“I see a lot of other people worried, and I see a lot of other people scared. Especially the girls,” said sophomore Percy Andrews

Now, as a result of these incidents, students say they are more careful.

"We never locked our door until that incident, and from now on, we are locking it every time we leave and locking it when we sleep," said Olmstead.

Granville police are working with Denison on the investigation.

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