Demonstration Shows Fires Can Quickly Consume Home


Kitchen fires can quickly grow out of control, engulfing entire walls.

"The first thing you want to do if you cannot get the fire out is to get out. Have a plan and practice, practice, practice," said David Smith of the Orange Township Fire Department.

The Orange Township Fire Department worked with Nationwide Insurance to demonstrate real-life kitchen scenarios that can get out of hand.

"It's not cheap either. The average kitchen fire from cooking is about $30,000 dollars," added Smith.

Pete Lore, associate vice president of personalized property claims with Nationwide Insurance, said that it is important to have a plan.

"Sit down with your family and have an escape route. Nobody plans a fire, they just happen," Lore said.

Lore also said it is not enough to just have smoke detectors. Homeowners should make sure they have batteries in all of their detectors and test them regularly.

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