Democrats Want More Accountability With Kasich’s JobsOhios

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Democratic lawmakers say they want more information about money spent for Gov. John Kasich’s JobsOhio program.

JobsOhio is a quasi private-public agency that really has been under fire since Kasich's election.

There was controversy about its first director Mark Kvamme and then a lawsuit by both progressives and libertarians challenging its constitutionality.

Last week, Republican state auditor Dave Yost subpoenaed the books of Jobs Ohio which is something the Kasich administration has dismissed.

Thursday morning, Democratic lawmakers announced legislation that would put a microscope on the agency.

“If there's nothing to hide here, there shouldn't be a problem. Otherwise, it looks like there's a cover up to the public,” said Rep. John Carney (D-Columbus)

Kasich told reporters Wednesday that the JobsOhio books have already been examined.

“First of all, we've had a full KPMG audit of JobsOhio, and it's available, and you ought to take a look at it.  And the auditor and I have the same position when it comes to public dollars,” Kasich said this week.

Democrats sense that unlike the budget fight that will go away later this summer, JobsOhio is an issue is going to stick around.

The Kasich team announced  Thursday that Commerce Director David Goodman will be the new director of the Development Services Agency.

Goodman is a former longtime state lawmaker but Democrats are skeptical he will answer their questions about transparency.

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