Democrats Rescind Endorsement Of Dann

Ohio Democrats on Saturday stripped Attorney General Marc Dann of their 2006 endorsement, essentially leaving him without any support from his political party, 10TV’s John Fortney reported.
Members of the Ohio Democratic Party executive committee passed a resolution saying they no longer recognized Dann as an endorsed officeholder.
Only one member of the committee offered a “no” vote, Fortney reported.

“Now he’s essentially viewed by the party as an unaffiliated Democrat,” said Ohio Democratic Chairman Chris Redfern. “Marc can no longer attend any Democratic functions as an elected official. He won’t attend any county events, either.”
Lawmakers on Friday announced plans to pass a bill that would allow for an independent investigation of the embattled attorney general.
Senate President Bill Harris and House Speaker Jon Husted said the legislation would call on Inspector General Tom Charles to head the investigation, according to a release issued on Friday.
 “It has become clear to us over the course of the last week that a comprehensive, independent investigation is necessary,” Harris and Husted said in a joint statement. “We believe Inspector General Tom Charles has the ability and infrastructure to properly and thoroughly conduct this investigation.”
If the bill passes, the investigation would begin next week, the release said.
Calls for Dann’s resignation stepped up this week after an internal sexual harassment investigation led to the ousting of three top attorney general aides. The attorney general drew more criticism when he admitted an affair with an office employee.
Top Democrats, including Gov. Ted Strickland, said Dann should resign immediately, or face impeachment.
Dann indicated in a memo to his staff that he would not step down from his position.
Also on Friday, Harris and Husted sent a letter to the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation inquiring about a computer that was allegedly wiped clean at the onslaught of the investigation.
The computer belonged to an employee of Dann’s general services director, Anthony Gutierrez.
10 Investigates first reported on Thursday evening that the Youngstown employee was placed on administrative leave, 10TV’s Paul Aker reported.
Harris and Husted asked BCII several questions regarding the computer, and requested an explanation as to why data was lost.
10 Investigates also learned that the state auditor has expanded a routine audit of Dann’s office, Aker reported.
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