Delivery Of City Of Columbus Snow Plows Delayed


Columbus snow warrior plows are getting help from private contractors and the county engineer plows to tackle 1,600 miles of neighborhood streets.

Columbus' fleet was supposed to be two dozen stronger, but there was a hiccup in the process.

The public service assistant director said they can always use more plows. There are 59 in the fleet right now, but that number will eventually grow to 88.

Columbus residents are dealing with snow covered cars and streets.

Getting the layers of snow and ice off his car was miserable enough for Brandon Justice.

"It's terrible, especially if you leave your car sitting for the entirety of it all," said Justice.

Getting the car out of the parking spot was impossible.

"On this side street it's pretty bad," said Justice.

Plows hit residential streets last in the city. The 59 trucks run constantly when the snow hits.

"We demand a lot of them. We run them very hard, like now, they're running 24 hours a day," said public service assistant director Rick Tilton. "You always want to have more trucks."

Public Service should have more trucks. Two years ago, funding was approved for 13 trucks that run on natural gas.

"The manufacturer that built the engines for the CNG trucks went bankrupt," said Tilton.

It was back to the beginning.

"Because they went bankrupt, we had to go back and bid the trucks out a second time," said Tilton.

That order was put in in April 2013. Then public service got approval for 14 more trucks. That was placed in October.

"They will be coming in throughout the year, starting in the coming weeks and then through the summer," said Tilton.