Delaware To Try New Approach To Slow Speeders

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Andres Linsey said she watches people everyday speed down her street.

“I have three children and two dogs, so I want to keep it safe out here and when I see speeders, it worries me,” said Linsey.

Linsey is not the only Delaware resident who is worried.

City Council woman Lisa Keller said speeding is a common concern among city residents.

That's why Keller is creating a residential speed enforcement program.

“One of the options we have is to train residents on operating a laser they can check out from the police department, then they can record license plate numbers,” said Keller.

Delaware city leaders said this program is meant to be more than just watching for speeders. It's really meant to raise community awareness.

“This isn't meant to write speeding tickets or to harass or be the speeding snitches. We want to be real careful that this is handled the appropriate way,” said Keller.

The city's police chief said his department will assist the citizens' group with training and collect information on speeding motorists from residents.

 “What we would like to do is send out some friendly warning saying  the neighborhood speed group  in your neighborhood observed this, please be careful in the future,” said Chief Bruce Pijanowski.

Linsey said she will be watching, and hopes the program will encourage speeders to watch their speed.

The city will soon be distributing information on how residents can take part.

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