Delaware Taking Another Look At Street Ball Ban


Basketball hoops are a staple in driveways and parking lots, which is fine off the road, but illegal on most city streets.

One central Ohio community may give street ball another shot.

Sixteen-year-old Josh Daughenbaugh said he has been practicing his shot at the hoop outside his Delaware home for years, but according to the city, he's breaking the law.

“I had no idea; I didn't know at all,” Daughenbaugh said.
The Daughenbaugh's portable hoop is in a public right-of-way, and to play, the kids in the neighborhood shoot from the street.
According to Delaware city ordinance, playing ball is prohibited on any public street, sidewalk or alley.  

“The city of Delaware handles this on a complaint by complaint basis,” said City of Delaware Community Affairs Coordinator Lee Yoakum. “If someone complains about a hoop being in a public right-of-way, the city will dispatch someone to tell the homeowner to move it.

Yoakum said homeowners typically do.

Daughenbaugh’s mother said she understands the reason for the law and, if asked, would move the hoop.

“I wouldn't like that we would have to move it, because it brings the kids together, rather than have them sit there and play on the iPod and computer and all that kind of stuff they are out here playing,” Leigh Daughenbaugh said.

Yoakum said recent questions by a homeowner asked to move a hoop, prompted the city to take a closer look at the law.

“There could be any modification to what we currently do, and that would be up to our parking and safety committee,” Yoakum said.
Monday night, city officials planned to discuss whether to more aggressively enforce the rule or ease up on hoop restrictions.

In the meantime, Josh Daughenbaugh said he's going to keep playing in the street, unless the city calls a timeout.
The city's police chief said most of the complaints about the hoops come from refuse or public works employees who run into them with their vehicles.

The city is able to issue fines, but city leaders say they've never done so.

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