Delaware Sheriff Bombarded With Concealed Carry License Requests


The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office is looking at hiring additional staff to help with the increase concealed carry weapon permit requests.

Westerville Resident Michael Sampson said he had to wait about a month and a half to get on the books at the Delaware County Sheriff's Office.

“Just in case I decided to travel somewhere and wanted to carry a firearm with me, I would be doing so legally,” said Sampson.

By law, Ohio county sheriff’s offices must accept CCW license applications a minimum of 15 hours a week.

“It's a full-time business here, 40 hours a week, and we are still having a hard time keeping up with it,” said Sheriff Russ Martin.

Martin said his office has seen a 30 percent jump in applications this year over last.

In April that number skyrocketed, with 72 licenses issued the first 12 days of the month this year. That compares to just 41 during the same time period last year or a 75 percent increase.

Even residents that call the office now will not get an appointment until early July.

Martin attributes a couple of factors to the increased interest, including the talk at the federal level of tougher gun regulations.

“So, it's a little bit of the perfect storm right now. We've got people coming in for renewals, both first and second, and all these new applicants. It's really hammered our staff,” added Martin.
People do not have to apply for a CCW license in the county where they live. They can also do so in any adjacent county.

Martin said he's done some checking and has found other counties in the area experiencing a similar backlog. 

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