Delaware Parent Investigated After Video Captures Teens Fighting


Delaware Police are reviewing cell phone video of a fight between two boys, to see if the mother of one of those boys will face charges for instigating.

The fight happened Thursday at Blue Limestone Park in the city of Delaware.

Ken Stone’s son is one of the boys involved in the fight. Stone says his son was with his friends and not in the park to fight. 

"He said he was going back in the woods to hang out like kids do,” said Kenneth Stone “Then, all of the sudden, he said he heard the mother screaming 'Go beat his <EXPLETIVE>.'"

Stone says he understands that boys may scuffle every now and then, but he says he is shocked that a parent would allegedly encourage it.

“The fact that a parent is standing there and willfully bringing your child to assault another child, and stand there for it - that's a problem,” said Stone.

Investigators say they have a copy of the video and are carefully reviewing it to identify who was present during the fight.

Police say they are still looking into how the fight started and how both parties arrived at the park.

Stone says he hopes this incident serves as a reminder to all parents that they must teach their kids how to deal with conflict.

"Parents need to learn to contact each other, talk to each other,” said Stone “And work it out as parents."

Police have yet to identify the woman who was captured at the scene so 10TV was unable seek that person out for comment.

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