Delaware Fourth Of July Parade Focuses On Unity, Not Division

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There was the sound of the fire trucks honking and the high school band playing. There were kids wearing USA stickers, floats honoring our veterans, and plenty of American flags.

The Delaware Fourth Of July parade was a reminder of what unites our nation at a time when partisan bickering seems worse than ever.

"It's the flags," said 5-year old Hannah Morris. "I like the way they look."

Hannah's parents, Joe and Carrie, say it's good for their daughter to have at least one day a year when she sees our nation at its finest.

"It's about getting together and doing what's good for everybody, and putting all the other side stuff away," said Joe Morris.

"The first story on the news every day is something bad and just to get away from that and celebrate our independence and freedom that's what's important today," said Carrie Morris.

Up the street, sitting along the parade route, are Charles and Betty Sheets, now married 63 years.

Charles is a veteran of World War II. For him, today is reminder about freedom.

"I don't think a lot of the young people realize what freedom is compared to a dictatorship," said Sheets.

But David Mullenix, a 16-year-old ROTC member, says he understands freedom.

"I think service is very important because it shows you are up to any task, and it shows that you are able to do anything you put your mind to," said Mullenix.

For Hannah, and the other kids, maybe the unity of the 4th of July will serve as an inspiration for more unity and less division.