Delaware County Sheriff Offers A Glimpse Into OVI Arrests


A demonstration in Delaware County is highlighting the consequences of drinking and driving.

A tour through Delaware County is meant to show you how humiliating it is to be handcuffed, put into the back of a cruiser and carried through this sally port and into the jail.

“It’s the right time to show residents here because, countywide, Delaware is up 5% on OVI arrests this year,” says Lt. Knapp of the Ohio State Patrol.

Tuesday’s tour begins with handcuffs, then booking and a battery of sobriety tests before this rare glimpse into a jail cell.

The Delaware County Sheriff says the county is on pace to see about 750 similar arrests this year. He hopes the tour may make some drivers think twice about drinking and driving.  "We want to bring it right to the forefront.  There are consequences for driving under the influence.”

Tours for the public are available by request.