Delaware County Man Accused of Assaulting Cyclist In Road Rage Incident

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A Delaware County driver is accused of assaulting a cyclist in an apparent moment of rage.  

A former professional cyclist, Tym Tyler, said now he rides mostly for fun.

He said on Tuesday he went along with some friends for what was supposed to be a fun ride.  Tyler said he was leading a group of cyclists north on Troy Road when a truck attempting to pass the group drove very close to one of the riders.

According to Tyler, the driver of the truck then slammed on his brakes and turned sideways in the roadway. Tyler said he believes he was trying force the cyclists to abruptly stop and wreck.

Tyler said the group stopped and that's when the man got out from behind the wheel.

“This guy came out of his car like a Bengal tiger and he must weigh 400 pounds - he's huge,” Tyler stated.

The guy Tyler is referring to is William Hamilton.  The Radnor man is accused of getting out of his vehicle and punching one of the cyclists in the face.

Tyler said Hamilton then threatened the group. Tyler said the man yelled, “I've got a gun in my truck and I'm going to get my gun. One of the guys, riders, said what are you going to do shoot us all? There are like 10 of us, and he's like I might.”  

Hamilton was arrested and charged with assault, aggravated menacing and disorderly conduct. We tried to get in contact with him for comment, but were unable to reach him.

Tyler said this incident is extreme, but encounters with motorists are nothing new.

He said it's important for both cyclists and motorists to have an understanding of bicycle traffic laws.