Delaware County Law Enforcement Focus on Roadways During Operation Shield


 Law enforcement from more than a dozen agencies are focusing their efforts on Delaware County roadways.

This targeted enforcement has already resulted in nearly 700 traffic stops and more than 30 arrests.

This traffic enforcement operation, called Operation Shield, continues through Saturday morning.

Whether it's U.S. 23 or Interstate 71, law enforcement is watching for drivers breaking the law.

“When local law enforcement pulls their resources and targets specific areas, we think we can have a pretty significant impact in a pretty short period of time,” Delaware County Sheriff Russ Martin said.

The Delaware County Sheriff's Office, the Delaware city police and the Ohio State Highway Patrol are joining together with other agencies to triple manpower on the roads.

“This is an important collaborative effort. We do this every day, we've just pulled more resources,” OSP Lt. Kevin Knapp said.

The blitz began Thursday, and so far, law enforcement officers have stopped 673 vehicles.

42 percent of those stopped have received a citation, and 34 people were arrested.

Troopers arrested three people Thursday morning, after they say they discovered more than 150 illegal prescription drugs.

They found pill bottles that they say contain Oxycodone and Oxymorphone behind the dashboard.

The sheriff's office said just under half of the vehicles pulled over so far have received warnings.

“That's one of the primary efforts in this too,” Sheriff Martin said. “It isn't just about writing tickets but it's also about preventing crashes and educating motorists.”

The enforcement focuses on the main thoroughfares of I-71, U.S. 23 and U.S. 42, as well as high crash intersections.

Officers will also be looking for impaired drivers in Orange Township, which is the area they say they make the most OVI arrests.