Delaware City Official Allegedly Sends Graphic Pro-Gun Email

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Bret Thompson said he was shocked when he checked Progress Ohio's email account and opened the message.

"The email contained about 12 very graphic images relating to propaganda regarding gun violence, and I went and looked at the sender - and it turned out that it was Windell Wheeler, the vice mayor of Delaware," said Progress Ohio Policy Director Bret Thompson.

The images range from a photo of a woman baring her midriff to reveal a gun with the caption, "teacher properly dressed" to a very graphic photo of bodies of Holocaust victims and a caption that said "gun free zone."

Windell Wheeler currently serves as Delaware's vice mayor but has been elected to various posts in the city (including mayor) since 1997.

10TV attempted to reach Wheeler at his home and office for an explanation, but were not successful.

Progress Ohio said Wheeler's opinions about gun control speak for themselves.

"I can't imagine a situation in the United States where it would be appropriate for an elected official to call for an armed revolution of the United States," Thompson said.

Wheeler told our newspaper partner, the Columbus Dispatch, he thought he was sending the email to people who agreed with his opinions that Congress should not ban assault rifles or limit the right to own guns.

Progress Ohio has called for an apology.

"And to equate this with the Holocaust and to say this is deserving of an armed revolution of the government is unbelievable," said Thompson, "Especially from an elected official."

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