Defendant on Trial for Rape of Delaware County Girl in 1998

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Sixteen years after she said she was raped by a family friend, a Delaware County woman is facing that accused rapist in court.

Gary Klusty is accused of abusing the girl starting when she was 11-years old.

Klusty was indicted for rape in 2003, but court records show the case against him was dismissed. He was re-indicted in 2013, and is now standing trial on eight felony counts.

On Tuesday, Klusty listened as prosecutors outlined the charges against him. He is accused of raping and inappropriately touching a girl, who was 11 and 12 years old at the time the alleged incidents occurred. Klusty was 32-years-old.

Tuesday the defendant's ex-wife took the stand, as well as the mother of the victim, who is now 27-years-old. 

The woman's mother explained to the jury how it wasn't until 2002, when her daughter attempted to kill herself and was being questioned at the hospital, that she learned of the abuse

The mother of the victim testified, “I can remember standing there and sort of answering the questions in my own mind. You know, what I know about my child, and everything was right down the line, until they got to that one.  And I'm expecting the answer of no, and she said yes, and you know, your head just kind of spins.”

The victim’s brother testified to end day one of the trial on Tuesday. Prosecutors said the victim is prepared to take the stand.