Deep Freeze Bottoms Out Beer Sales Locally


The deep freeze is stopping some businesses in their tracks and hurting their bottom line. It's happening to beer delivery services in Columbus.  

Distributors, like Superior Beverage, send out delivery trucks every day. They say that when their trucks don't go out, they don't make money.

They say they lost more than $100,000 in profit in just one day.

Company executives say the trucks that should be out on the road could not work Tuesday because of the cold.

"A truck this size could call on anywhere between 20 and 30 customers in a day. Bars, restaurants, bowling alleys, taverns," said Superior Beverage Group CFO Mike Scurria.

Scurria says they made the call Monday evening to stop Tuesday deliveries because of the weather. He says they worried first of all about their drivers' safety.

"Their well-being is not worth that kind of money," said Scurria. He also says beer can freeze being out in the cold too long.

So, for the second time this month, Superior's millions of dollars in merchandise sits.

Scurria says the temperature controlled warehouse stays between 55 to 65 degrees and the draft cooler keeps kegs cool at 38 degrees. Temperatures outside Tuesday dropped below zero.

Encouraged by Wednesday's forecast, Scurria hopes to make up for lost time.

"We should have a pretty big day tomorrow, given that people didn't get their beer today," said Scurria.

They're also hoping big events like the big game will help boost their bottom line.