Debate Over Pit Bull Laws In Reynoldsburg

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Some Reynoldsburg resident challenge the city's pit bull ban.

City council is putting together a committee to study the current law. Right now, the law deems pit bulls "vicious."

People for and against the ban spoke before council Monday night.

Stephanie Mather says she's a responsible pit bull owner and her dog deserves a chance. Mather says, "They need to focus on the problem, which is the owner, not the animal. The animal does what we teach it to do."

Bruce Sowell is a supporter of the pit bull ban. He says, " I live in a community made up of children and old people. They should be allowed to walk down the street. Not every pitt bull owner is a bad owner, but we don't know!"

Council didn't take up the issue at Monday's meeting because the council president and other members were not present.

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