Dealers Hope To Win Big With New Casino Jobs

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Developers and individuals alike are gambling on a business boom when the new casino opens in west Columbus.

Before patrons can place their bets at the Columbus Hollywood Casino, the dealers need to make sure they know exactly what they are doing.

“We're learning craps, blackjack, roulette, poker,” said Tony Carolo, director of table game operations.

While it can be debated just how much luck is needed to play these games of skill, all of the dealers hope the odds are in their favor during the training session.

“I've never even been into a casino prior to this,” said 23-year-old Landon Wieging, a new dealer and manager.

“I started with blackjack, knew nothing about cards. I'm not a gambler,” said another new dealer Gina Hill.

For many of the trainees, this is not just a game. They are taking a chance on a new life and career and hoping that it pays off.

“You know, I didn't go to college but now I can actually say I did go to dealer school. I went to the college of dealer school,” said Hill. “It was just a wonderful feeling that, oh my gosh, it was brand new. This is something I can do and I've done it myself with the help of my instructors.”

10TV News went through a day of the training to learn more about the precision that’s needed for the placement of cards and chips.

“The goal of the dealer is to make sure these guys have a great time,” said Carolo.

In an area of the city that has seen its highs and lows, these new jobs are a first jump into the working world for some while others are taking another roll of the dice in the game of life.

“I do live on the west side, and I'm excited about this. Even before I knew I was going to be a dealer, I was excited about this. It's only going to make things better and we need things to be better,” said Hill.

The casino has more than 550 dealers so far, and officials hope to have 660 when it is fully staffed.

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