Dead Baby Found In Trunk Of Car By Auto Mechanic


Police are investigating after a body of an infant was found in a box in a car trunk.  According to Shelby police, a 17-year-old girl dropped a car off at a repair shop on Tuesday afternoon.

When the mechanic went to pull the vehicle into the shop, he noticed an odor.   He said he opened the truck and found a box containing what he thought was a dead animal.

"There were some clothes back there, some shoes and stuff. And when I pulled the box out, part of the box actually stayed in the vehicle. Kind of what made me think something was in it. I was kind of scared to check it out, but you know, they came here for a reason. I think that's what it was so the child could be put to rest," said mechanic and shop owner, Ron Hamilton.

Before disposing of it, Hamilton said he took a second look and the fingers and toes led him to believe it was an infant.

Shelby police say a 17-year-old girl admitted to having the child and putting the baby in the box. It's still unclear how long the baby was in the box or the car.

"We haven't made a determination, at this point in time, whether the baby was stillborn, miscarriage or if the baby was born viable and alive," said Shelby Police Captain Lance Combs.

Combs says the girl's parents never knew she was pregnant and that the child was born at the beginning of the year in the girl's home.

"I will pray to God that I will never see a car like that again, find anything like that again.  It's just devastating," said Hamilton.

Officials said that because of the state of the body, they were not immediately able to estimate age or gender.

Authorities said the 17-year-old girl, who dropped the vehicle off, was not the owner of the vehicle.  

The Summit County Coroner is handling the autopsy.

Shelby police say the results of the autopsy will help determine if anyone will face charges.