Daycare Worker Accused Of Aggressive Handling Of Child, 6


A former worker at the Michael’s Lil Angels Daycare Center is accused of manhandling a six-year-old.

The girl’s mother, Richawn Davis, said her child had a bruise on the top of her eye and said that a teacher had hit her.

“And I asked her what happened, and she said the daycare teacher held her by her face and swung her around,” said Davis.

Davis complained to the center and the director said she would review surveillance tapes.

A day later, Davis was told that the teacher was fired.

“The daycare owner told me that letting the teacher go was enough but that wasn't enough. Because you let her go and she can go to the daycare up the street and get a job and she can continue doing this to other kids,” said Davis.

Davis then went to police.

The Reynoldsburg Police Department confirms it has that video tape and said what's on it was enough to launch an investigation.

A spokes person with the daycare center said they believe the teacher displayed "aggressive handling" but did not strike the child.

The daycare said that per their requirements, the incident was reported to the state licensing board and to Franklin County Children Services.

Davis has taken her daughter out of that daycare, but worries her daughter may have suffered longer than she knew.

"My daughter is quiet, she is special needs and doesn't really talk so this could have been going on a long time and we just didn't know about it,” she said.

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