Day Care Provider Charged After Allegedly Feeding Children Drug-Laced Pancakes


A Westerville woman is charged with six counts of child endangering after alleged activities that occurred at her home day care facility.

Tammy Eppley of Fairdale Avenue is charged after allegedly feeding six children pancakes laced with drugs to make them fall asleep.

The children were 2 to 5 years old.

Police said that at least one of the children in her care was hers.

According to police reports, Eppley allegedly prepared the food with various medications, including melatonin and antihistamine allergy medicine.

“My whole heart feels, my whole heart feels good when I’m with them,” Eppley told 10TV News on Monday.

The mother of three said that she was shocked when Children Services knocked on her door a few months ago. She said the investigation stemmed from text messages between her and her former best friend.

“I had a couple of problem children that were hyperactive,” she said. “I would say off-colored texts like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m going to drug them. They’re driving me bananas.’”

She said she never imaged that the texts would lead to a police investigation.

She said she did give children Benadryl, but on with their parents’ consent.

“We thought there was enough probably cause to charge her,” said Westerville Lt. Paul Scowden. “We’re pretty positive that she did this.”

Eppley said the unequivocally denied the charges.

Franklin County Children Services issued the following statement:

“We investigated this allegation in May and are no longer working with this case or this family. It has now become a police matter. Such cases of allegations made against teachers or daycare workers are appropriately assessed by Children Services for their validity but in this case we are no longer investigating.”

Police asked anyone with more information about the case to contact detectives at 614-882-7444.

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