Daughter Searches For Justice In Fatal Hit & Run In Lancaster


Franki Nutter says she has been living through an emotional nightmare for nearly two-and-a-half years.

She says the wheels of justice are turning too slowly, and she wants answers for her mother, 69-year-old Mary Nutter, who was struck and killed by an alleged drunk driver.

"I miss my mom every day,” Franki says.  “She was my best friend."

Franki says the pain of losing her mother never goes away.

Police say early in the morning of October 15th, 2011, Christopher Brian Bayer II was driving an SUV in the 900-block of West Fair Avenue in Lancaster, when he hit Nutter, who was pushing a shopping cart.

Bayer made a 911 call moments later stating that he had hit someone in the middle of the street.

Police say Bayer's blood alcohol level tested at .115 percent over the legal limit.

"It's not known how fast Bayer was driving, but the impact sent Nutter flying, with a trail of groceries, clothing, and car parts spreading 140 feet down the street before the vehicle stopped.

“How could you drive 30 feet with somebody on the hood of your truck and not even know?" Franki Nutter asks.

She says she is frustrated how long it's taken the case to get to trial.

“I think it’s the worst torment that somebody could ever experience in their life, wondering and waiting on what’s going to happen,” she said.  “It’s just like an emotional weight that doesn’t ever get lifted.”

"All I want to do is get some justice for my Mom,” she added.  “My mom was a nice lady, and she didn't drink, didn't smoke, and she was a Christian, and she went to church and paid her tithe, and this is not the type of person that deserved to be killed in the middle of the road."

Where Mary was located in the street when she was hit, and the color of clothing she was wearing, could both be key factors in the case.

The trial was to begin Tuesday, but it was postponed because the judge had another overlapping trial.

The prosecutor says lining up expert testimony is one reason for the extra delay, which could now stretch till the summer.

Bayer faces aggravated vehicular homicide and OVI charges.

His attorney says he is looking forward to his day in court.