Daughter Pleads With Parole Board To Keep Man Who Shot Father On ‘Urge’ In Prison


Rockelle Pace was not old enough to speak when her father was murdered.

Only recently, did she even learn how he was killed.

Now, the man convicted for killing her father, Donald Rocco Pace, is up for parole. Rockelle says she is the only voice trying to stop his killer from getting out of prison.

“He looks like a monster,” Pace said. “He doesn’t even look like a person to me.

Jerry Lyons pleaded guilty to aggravated murder and was sentenced to 30 years to life in 1983.

Investigators said that Pace’s father met Lyons while hunting in Coshocton. Detectives said that Lyons shot pace twice, killing him.

Lyons later said that he shot and killed page on an “urge.”

“If you can say that and take someone’s life so senselessly, you don’t deserve to breathe,” Pace said.

Pace and her twin brother were only 21 months old when their 23-year-old father was killed.

Nearly three decades later, she said her father’s killer, who now is 55, is eligible for parole.

Pace shared a letter that she said was written by the lead detective in her father’s murder case. Pace told 10TV News that the letter was sent to the state parole board just days ago.

“I certainly oppose the parole of Lyons and feel for the safety of the public, he needs to be incarcerated until his own death,” the letter read.

Pace said that she only has one question for her father’s killer: “I would ask him why, why did he choose my dad.”

Lyons’ first parole hearing is scheduled for Monday. The hearing is closed to the public.

Pace said that she and other family members will attend the next scheduled hearing.

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