Dann Resigns As Attorney General

Attorney General Marc Dann announced his resignation Wednesday afternoon following a sexual harassment scandal that has plagued his office for more than a month.  
Dann, 46, made the announcement with Gov. Ted Strickland by his side, 10 Investigates' Paul Aker reported.

He spoke for less than five minutes before exiting the room.
"It is now clear to me that the only way to protect these priorities for the office of attorney general and for the people of Ohio is to remove myself from the situation," Dann said. "This will preserve the great work being done by the office of attorney general."
Before stepping away, Dann thanked his family and the people of Ohio.
"I want to thank the people of Ohio for giving me the opportunity to serve in this great office," Dann said. "Thank you."

Dann added that he looked forward to returning to his Youngstown home with his wife and children.
Tom Winters, the office's First Assistant Attorney General, will act as Attorney General until Strickland appoints a successor.
Dann's resignation came one day after Democrats filed articles of impeachment against Dann. The resolution was sponsored by 42 of 45 House Democrats. Lawmakers also approved a bill on Tuesday giving the Inspector General authority to conduct another investigation of Dann's office.
Dann announced his resignation more than a week after state Democrats, including Strickland, called for him to step down or face impeachment.
On May 2, the same day that a sexual harassment investigation ousted three of his top aides, Dann admitted having an affair with an office employee.
He apologized for his actions, but made no intentions of resigning from office.
When asked Tuesday what he would look for in a new attorney general, Strickland replied, "Maturity."
 "We need someone who can provide confidence to the many, many employees of the attorney general's office," Strickland said.
According to Strickland, Inspector General Tom Charles would move forward with his investigation of Dann's office, 10TV News reported.
There is also speculation about who will replace Dann, 10TV's Patrick Bell reported.
Possible Democratic candidates include current Lieutenant Gov. Lee Fisher and state treasurer Richard Cordray.
Jim Petro and Ron O'Brien are among possible Republican candidates, Bell reported.
Strickland said he must act swiftly to replace Dann and allow the AG's office to get back to work.
"Attorney General Marc Dann did the honorable thing by resigning," Strickland said. "This decision will allow the important work of the Attorney General's office to continue without the distraction caused by recent events."
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