Customer Robbed In McDonald’s Line Thought He Was Going To Get Shot

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James Smith was coming home from work on Tuesday when he decided to stop at a West Broad Street McDonald’s.

He thought it would be quicker to go inside than to use the drive-thru. That decision put him in danger.

While in line, he noticed a man with his hands tucked under his jacket. That man approached the counter, showed a gun, and demanded money.

The employees exited toward the back, leaving Smith and the man with the gun – with no one to open the register.

Smith started to make his exit, only to have the weapon pointed at him.

“He told me to stop or he'd shoot me and that's when I seen the gun. (He) came over and told me to empty out my pockets. He rifled through my wallet, asked me if I had any money and I pulled out all of my pockets. And I kept saying ‘I ain't got no money,” said Smith.

Smith says he was hoping that the robber wasn’t too nervous or scared that he would pull the trigger.

The robber did get away with Smith’s wallet, but Smith believes a surveillance photo is enough for someone to recognize who the robber is – so that he’ll be caught and not strike again.