Custom-made wedding ring miraculously found almost a decade later

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A crew from Mr. Rooters Plumbing and Drain Company spent nearly two days at a home in Hilliard.

"The customer's sewer backed up in the house and had a blockage out here," said Troy Bronson, manager of the excavation team. "Come to find out the problem was right at the city main. So we had to do a little more intense work than what we anticipated."

Bronson said he's done countless projects like this one. But, this one was a special dig.

"It just brings tears to my eyes every time I think about it," said Gary Beachamp, the homeowner.

Bronson said as he was showing a piece of the sewer line to Beachamp, he saw something shiny fall to the ground.

"They didn't believe me," said Bronson.

"[The] other guys were ripping him," said Beachamp. "Oh, you can't see a ring", "there's no ring", "there's no way you found a ring", "it's not here!" "You're just making us dig in the dirt," they said.

Lo and behold, Bronson found a woman's diamond ring in the pile of dirt.

"I couldn't believe it. Is that really the ring? Is that really the same ring?" said Beachamp while holding back tears.

Beachamp's daughter, who now lives in Utah, lost her wedding ring more than eight years ago while preparing to serve as bridesmaid in a friend's wedding.

"She was here and she was getting ready to go and she put her engagement ring and her wedding ring on the side of the sink. Not a good idea," said Beachamp.

Beachamp was able to retrieve the engagement ring but, the wedding band was long gone. Or so they thought.

"She said, I never thought I'd see it ever again. I thought it was gone for good!," said Beachamp about his daughter's response when he told her that the ring had been found.

The ring was a custom made diamond wedding band given to her by her uncle who is a jeweler in Atlanta.

Bronson said he is so happy that he was able to help the family retrieve the special gift.

"He actually got his daughter on the phone and FaceTime us and showed her the ring," said Bronson. "It makes you feel good. That's my good deed for the day!"

Beachamp and his wife plan to hand deliver the ring to their daughter in Utah during their next visit to see the grandkids.