Crooks Damage Laundry Facilities To Get Change

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Apartment complexes across Columbus are facing a new menace.

Thieves are ripping the tops off washing machines, bending metal, and cutting hoses in order to get to the quarters inside.

Tiffany Waiyaki lives at a northeast Columbus apartment complex and calls the vandalism an inconvenience.

“Yeah, cause you have to load up your clothes and take them somewhere else instead of right down the street where it is supposed to be for us,” said Waiyaki.

The manager at the complex said this isn't the first time the laundry room has been targeted. He had security video of the most recent crime.

In the video, one man can be seen walking up with his head down. A few seconds later, a second guy backs into view.

In just over 15 minutes, one of the men walks off carrying a small bag.

The same type of crime was reported at another apartment complex just up the street.

A representative from Coinmach, the company that leases the machines to the apartment complexes, said it is happening at laundry facilities at apartment complexes throughout Columbus.

As for Waiyaki, she is no longer using the laundry room.

“We went and bought a washer and dryer, because I don't want to deal with it anymore,” said Waiyaki.

The manager at the northeast Columbus complex we visited tells us he is looking at adding additional security.

The Coinmach representative said the company is looking at additional security features as well. 

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