Crook Tunnels Into Columbus Electronics Shop


Columbus Police are searching for a thief who tunneled into an electronic shop.

Officers say the suspect broke into a vacant store on East Hudson Street in north Columbus early Tuesday morning.

Police say the suspect cut a hole in the store's drywall to get access to Tek Experts next door.
Officers say the thief stole several iPads and then used the same hole to escape.

Officers are looking at surveillance video to see if it provides them with any clues.

The owner gave 10TV the surveillance video that shows the crook in action.

The owner of the business did not want to be identified but said the thief made his entry through a drywall.

He says the suspect got into the adjacent vacant store through an unlocked back door and used some type of saw to create the hole.

In the video you can see the glow of a flashlight and then a thin man crawl into the front of the business. He is seen rifling through a drawer, checking the show cases and then looking into the camera. Police say he was wearing gloves and a skeleton mask.

The owner says a motion detector tripped an alarm and the suspect scurried out.

The owner says he will be ramping up security measures and is hopeful police make an arrest in the case soon.