Criminals Strike Clintonville Homes

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Thieves are targeting one central Ohio community, stealing hundreds -- if not thousands -- of dollars in goods, as well as a sense of security for residents.

Columbus police reports show thieves have struck more than a dozen homes in Clintonville in just the last 10 days.  

Clintonville resident Jeff Cabot said that in a strange twist, he saw the burglars who broke into his garage without even knowing it.

“I woke up about 2 a.m. and got a drink of water. Happened to look out the window and saw somebody riding a bike down the street. I said, ‘Man that's strange. 2 a.m. riding a bike,” said Cabot.

He says he woke up the next morning, checked his garage, and realized the burglars broke in and stole his bike, along with some cash from inside his cars.

“Think it never would happen to us, and now it's happened to us,” said Cabot.

Some of the homeowners say only their garages were broken into.

But, in several cases, houses were broken into with hundreds of dollars worth of electronics stolen.

“My computer, my digital camera, my two view cameras, my Wii and my flat-screen TV. And they were in there for a while because they dumped a lot of stuff,” said Clintonville resident Ian Freece.

Freece isn't the only victim on his block who was a target of thieves.

Police records show another neighbor had more than a thousand dollars in equipment stolen.

“I'm mad, I'm mad. I want to find who did this and hope that they pay the penalty in jail,” said Freece.

Freece says he's now working to put in a better security system, much like Cabot did.

They say they’re doing all this in their efforts to fight crime in Clintonville.

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