Criminals Hit Catholic School Twice In A Week


In July 2012, Crime Stoppers offered a reward to find vandals to desecrated a statue and broke a stained glass window at Bishop Watterson.
Criminals have now struck two more times.
On January 28, security cameras caught two young men trying to kick in a key pad in an attempt to get in the building.
The high school's facilities director said that's not the only damage they caused that night.
“The retaining wall was down. Our traffic control arm was knocked down, as well as a bunch of broken glass in the area where they kicked the Fob reader,” said Tom Long.
Then on February 2, the school experienced another break-in attempt around the same time of night.
School officials said the criminals came in a second story window and stepped on a pipe, which then tripped the alarm system.
When the alarm system went off, the fire suppression system was activated, and six nozzles started to spray green fire suppression liquid.
“I think when the fire alarm went off, they exited the building and that's when the fire department saw them jumping from the roof,” said Bishop Watterson principal Marian Hudson.
Hudson said cleaning up the liquid and repairing the building cost several thousand dollars.
“When they vandalize the school or try to get in, we take it very personally. All of our students do. There's no reason for this to happen,” added Hudson. “This is like my home, and that's how I feel, an invasion of our home.”
School officials told 10TV that they are not sure whether the people seen in the surveillance video committed both crimes this week, but they they're looking into it.
School officials say they have since increased school security.