CrimeTracker 10 Warns Students To 'Lock It Up' After Thefts Uncovered


CrimeTracker 10 has uncovered a number thefts from central Ohio schools.

Some of the thefts occur as often as once every four weeks.

After combing through police reports in several cities, CrimeTracker 10 found that many of the thefts took place in unlocked gym lockers.

Genoa Township police said that Westerville Central High School reported eight thefts, the most in a month so far this school year.

"Sometimes they do wander off and forget to lock their locker or book bag is too big and won't fit in their locker, and they leave it laying around and that's generally when the thefts occur," Genoa Township Police officer Joe Graham said.

Grove City schools reported four thefts so far in November, including two bicycles and two cell phones. In Dublin, six thefts were reported.

Thieves were so bold as to target a teacher at Indian Run Elementary School, who told police someone took her wallet from her purse that was on the floor in the classroom.

School administrators at Westerville Central said that to prevent thefts, locker rooms are secured once students head off to gym class. Teachers also frequent the hallways, checking doors.

Westerville Central's principal said that he reminds students to be smart and lock up their stuff through the morning announcements.

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