CrimeTracker 10: Drug War Where You Live

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Westerville police tell 10TV their biggest drug problems are heroin and prescription pills.  

They say the bath salts trend seems to have faded. The drug was an issue about a year ago but has pretty much gone away.

WPD is fighting the drug war in many different ways, including the addition of a new narcotics detection K9 Unit.

Grove City

Grove City police say marijuana is their biggest drug, in terms of sheer numbers, but heroin and prescription drugs are causing more problems for the city.

Police Captain Jeff Pearson says they've seen a dramatic increase in heroin cases over the past five years.

He says GCPD is dedicating resources to a drug task force.

Pearson says the drug problem is a larger social issue, and it needs to be dealt with through the court system, through social services and through law enforcement.


Powell Police Chief Gary Vest says marijuana is the drug they see most often, but heroin in becoming more popular.

Pharmaceutical drugs are an ongoing problem. People are using prescription pills to get high, instead of for their intended purpose.

Chief Vest says drug use fuels other crimes in in the community, like theft.

Powell Police participates in the Delaware Area Drug Task Force and the opium task force.


Worthington police say the biggest problem right now is opiate pills.

Officer Shawn Dysert said when the pills run out, users switch to heroin.

He says there's been a huge shift in the past five years from kids experimenting with alcohol and marijuana, to going straight for hard drugs.

Dysert says the concept of gateway drugs is gone.

Worthington police helped create a group called Drug Safe Worthington.

It's an outreach program that works with the schools and area businesses. They're focus is on education and prevention.

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