Crime Scene, Autopsy Photos Shown In Teen's Murder Trial


A bloody palm print from the wall of Dennis Lewis' bedroom was brought in for the judge to see Wednesday in his twin brother's murder trial.

The evidence, described as key, ties Derris Lewis to the slaying, police said.

Columbus police Detective Bill Snyder explained how the brutality of the crime helped them find the evidence.

VIDEO: Fingerprints and Forensics | SLIDESHOW: Images Of Dennis Lewis, Crime Scene

"You'd have to have blood on your hand and press your hand into the wall," Snyder said.

Derris Lewis sobbed in court as experts showed autopsy photos of his brother.  The coroner confirmed a gunshot to the left shoulder killed the teen.

The state dug deeper into their crucial evidence, questioning Columbus police fingerprint expert Mark Bruant, who said there was no confusion between the twins, saying the bloody print had to belong to Derris Lewis.

"Their fingerprints are still totally different," Bryant said.

He went on to say that the fingerprint also placed Derris in Dennis' room at the time the crime was committed, 10TV's Cara Connelly reported.

"It would have had to been placed there between the time Dennis Lewis went to bed and when crime scene search units showed up and found the print," Bryant said.

Derris Lewis' attorneys disagreed, saying that the defendant was miles away at the time the shooting occurred.

In the next few days, defense attorneys will put their witnesses on the stand.

A clue was given to the defense team's strategy as they cross-examined the fingerprint expert.    Derris Lewis' attorney questioned whether or not the palm print was made with blood, saying that the print could have been left there before the crime.

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