Crews Work To Fix Pothole Problems

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The battle on the roads turns from snow removal to pothole repairs as craters begin popping up all over the city.

"We've got an awful lot of cars in here with busted side walls, bent wheels," said Shope's Tires manager Ron Beach.

Cars plunking down in the potholes are bringing big business to Shope's.

"Some of them you can repair, a lot of them you can't," said Beach.

Just ask Doug Edwards.  His Acura TL fell victim as it rounded the on-ramp to I-270 from Highway 23.

"I look back to check traffic so I can merge over.  As soon as I look back into the lane, there's a giant pothole and boom right into it," said Edwards.  "The first thing that goes through my mind is, oh no, please don't go flat, it's freezing out here, its 7 o'clock in the morning."

But the tire pressure plummeted and the rim rolled against the road. Edwards made it to this grocery store parking lot.

"Get the spare on there and, of course, the spare is flat," said Edwards.

Even worse news once he gets to the tire repair shop. The rim is bent, the tire can't be fixed and all four need to be replaced.

"Because of all the other flats that have been happening, they don't have my tire in stock," said Edwards.

More than $1300 dollars in repairs. 

The city and ODOT say they're getting to the potholes as quickly as they can. 

With all the snow, plowing is still the daytime concern. 

At night, when traffic is low, the potholes get patched. 

Because of the extreme cold, the filler that has to be used is just a temporary fix. 

The permanent patch material can't be used until the temperature is 32 degrees.

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