Craigslist Sale Ends In Gun Battle

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One person is in custody after a used car sale ended in a gun battle.

Franklin County Sheriff's deputies said a teen went to a home on Deer Path Drive in Grove City claiming he would sell his car after meeting a buyer on Craigslist.

Deputies say that seller instead pulled out a gun and tried to rob the homeowners.

Investigators told 10TV's Jason Frazer one of those homeowners ran inside and grabbed his gun.

Deputies said this led to a gun battle between the buyer and seller and more than 10 shots were fired.

Authorities said one of the homeowners did have a bullet ricochet off his pants leg but the bullet did not penetrate his clothing.

No one was injured.

Deputies said the robbery suspect then fled.

"He went down the road and knocked on another residence door and asked to use the phone which they permitted him to use the phone but they said his behavior was suspicious, said Lt. Brian Croston with the Franklin County Sheriff's Office.  "They could hear the helicopter overhead and hear all the cruisers coming in. That homeowner flagged down one of the the Franklin County cruisers coming in and he made contact with the suspect down there."

The suspect fled into the woods where he was arrested.

The Sheriff's office said the suspect faces several charges including robbery.  His name was not immediately released because he is a juvenile.

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