Craigslist Rental Scam Victim Tries To Get Back On Her Feet


Columbus police continue to investigate after a woman was tricked into paying for a house that was owned by the government.

10TV first reported Krystal Bailey’s story on Thursday.

Bailey responded to a Craigslist ad to rent a house in southeast Columbus when she moved from Michigan.

She recorded the men on her camera as they showed her around the property.

"I left everything to come here. Once I got here, it was too easy to get into the house that big - that gorgeous, nice yard, backyard, I mean, it was just too nice.  Something like that is just too good to be true. So I recorded it,” said Bailey.

And despite her concern about a possible scam, Bailey counted out $2,200 in cash to pay them.

It was a week after moving in that Bailey learned the house was actually owned by the government.

She and her family were kicked out.

After spending a few nights in a hotel, they're now in a temporary shelter.

Bailey has a message to the big talker who talked her out of her hard-earned money.

"I would like to say if he is watching this, they're going to get you and you won't do it to anybody else, I promise you,” added Bailey.

Anyone who might know the men involved in the rental scam is asked to contact Columbus detectives at 645-2040

10TV is compiling the information of a number of people who have contacted the station with offers to help Bailey.

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