Coyotes Cause Concern For Some Delaware County Residents


One Lewis Center resident said that she was concerned after recently spotting two coyotes running through her subdivision.

"It was the oddest thing to open your door and see two coyotes running down your street, not even through your yard, but the street in a subdivision," said resident Danielle Becker.

Wildlife officials said that coyotes are more visible during the winter months because of the lack of vegetation on trees and bushes.

Mating season for the animals also stretches from January through March.

"You can do things if you don't want them around," said Karin Norris with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. "Go outside, make noise, make your presence known."

Norris also suggested making sure all garbage and pet food is moved inside.

Officials said that coyotes are usually harmless, but those will small pets should be extra cautious.

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