Couple Using Cousin As Surrogate In Hopes Of Becoming Parents

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Lori McKeever very much wants a baby of her own. She recently sat down and showed her own baby pictures to Kristyn Hartman.

“This is my mom when I was two weeks old, holding me,” said McKeever.

She had three heart surgeries as a child. The pictures also showed a bond with her cousin Lindsay Wertz. There’s even a picture Lori holding Lindsay as a baby.

It’s a very special picture now.

“Well, I'm holding her as a baby, and now she's hopefully having my baby,” explains Lori.

Last year on Valentine's Day, a doctor told Lori that pregnancy was not an option due to her heart history. She says it hit her very hard.

“It was difficult, because as a husband, you have to be strong for your wife,” explained Lori’s husband, Scott.

“Scott and I decided how we're going to make it work, because we both still want to be parents,” added Lori.

She and her husband settled on surrogacy. When Lindsay heard the news, she immediately volunteered to carry their baby.

“I think it's amazing. It's the best thing she could give anyone,” says Lori.

“I just knew I wanted to help them start their family,” says Lindsay.

The three of them wear wristbands that say "Project Baby M” and they're trying to fundraise under that name to pay for the high price of science that could make a child possible.

It’s meant medicine and injections and the retrieval of eggs from Lori; and the transfer of two healthy fertilized ones to Lindsay.

They then had to wait to find out if they were expecting, and if this Valentine’s Day would bring happier news.

“It's tough because there are some days, I’m excited and there are some I'm like c'mon baby, c'mon,” said Scott.

“I've been thinking good thoughts,” added Lori.

But if it doesn’t work, after what they have all gone through this far…

“I think we'll just start again, if they're up for it, I am,” said Lindsay.

The news came early this week, and the procedure did not take.

Lindsay told Kristyn Hartman that Project Baby M will try again. She’s not a paid surrogate and that saves the McKeevers tens of thousands of dollars.  

But they still have medical costs and are having bake sales, yard sales, even a fundraising page at